The End Game

Here is the link to The musings of an expert at Project Management, Risk Assessment and Crisis Control - how to create perfect projects from inception through to the finishing touches.

The End Game

This is also where I publish chapters of my upcoming book.

PjM Guru

Here is a link to my answers at the Stack Exchange Project Management forum; 70 of them and the list grows

Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile where you can see my decades of PjM experience

My Favorite Recommendation in LinkedIn


Jay Bailey

CEO, RapidFire Consulting

August 15, 2007, Jay worked with Danny in different groups
Danny is a passionately dedicated, no-nonsense professional who can be relied on to keep all the moving parts in the division moving in harmony. 
He is extremely direct and confrontation (in a good way) in eliciting firm statement, commitments and assessments that help paint a picture from which others can understand the status, progress and holdups of various projects. 
Danny doesn't get caught up in hype or hypothetical: he's all about facts and realistic progress.